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Rachel Wallin


Travis Duhart

Wedding Party

Ashlea Wade

Matron of Honor

Ashlea and Rachel met in club volleyball when they were 14 and have been inseperable ever since. They played together for 6 years, and spent 2 years at Pierce College basically glued at the hip. They have considered each other soul sisters for nearly 15 years despite living in different states.

Justin Duhart

Best Man

Justin and Travis have been two peas in a pod for as long as they can remember...Literally. For those who don't know, Justin is Travis' identical twin. There's not much to say other than their twin bond is something that most people can never understand despite being two completely different people.

Khadija Brink

Matron of Honor

Khadija and Rachel met through Travis and other mutual friends. They quickly bonded over their new puppies and similar sense of humor. Fun fact - Rachel attended Jacob's and Dija's wedding as Travis' plus one and Dija didn't want a "random plus one there"...look how far they've come.

Kourtni Farmer

Best Woman

Kourtni and Travis met on Tinder... Well, not exactly, but their mutual friends did and introduced them. They instantly hit it off and realized that they are nearly the same person and share many characteristics. Even though they had an unconventional introduction, their friendship is for life.

Megan Silecchio


Megan and Rachel met in line for Simi Valley High School's freshman volleyball tryouts. While Megan's volleyball career only lasted one season, their friendship has lasted thoughout high school, college, and all the phases in between.

Jacob Brink


Jacob and Travis met through mutual friends, but neither of them can pinpoint the moment it all started. Their friendship grew even stronger when their significant others became best friends and started spending all their free time together.

Samantha Duhart


Samantha is Travis’ older sister. Rachel’s initial introduction to Samantha was, “she doesn’t really like anyone I date” from Travis. Luckily for Rachel, that wasn’t the case and her and Samantha became quick friends and sisters.

Nate Hansing


Nate and Travis met at work where they instantly bonded over shared interests such as basketball and music. Nate has become Travis' good friend and trusted travel companion, and they've taken many international trips with their significant others over the years.

Jessica Duhart


Jessica is Rachel’s soon to be sister-in-law and is married to Justin. The only way to survive marrying twins is getting along with the twin’s wife. As the other counterpart in Twin Power, they banded together to create Girl Power.

Matt Chartier


Matt and Travis go way back… all the way back to elementary school playing basketball in Matt's driveway. Matt is a constant friend in Travis' life and they have remained really great friends over the years.

Brooke Matson


Brooke and Rachel met during the Week of Welcome at Cal Poly, SLO where they went to college. During their second year, Brooke and Rachel became roommates with Shelby where the friendship grew as strong as their laughter when together.

Donnie Silecchio


Donnie and Travis met through Rachel's friend Megan. Despite being almost a decade younger than Travis, Donnie has always made Travis feel like a brother and like he was part of his family.

Shelby Mies


Shelby and Rachel were paired up as roommates for Rachel’s first year at Cal Poly when Rachel responded to a Craigslist ad. As their friendship became unbreakable, Shelby eventually introduced Travis and Rachel to one another. They were officially dating one month later. Shelby has always been there for Rachel and now she will be marrying them.

Brandon Alius

Ring Security

Brandon and Travis met at work and eventually became roommates along with Justin. The two bonded over working out, but Brandon's passion for fitness and nutrition turned professional after moving to San Diego. Let’s hope that the rings aren't too heavy for Brandon to carry down the aisle and that he will let Travis fit wedding cake in his macros.