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Rachel Wallin


Travis Duhart

Rachel Wallin and Travis Duhart

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Our Story

Travis and Rachel met through their friend, Shelby. Rachel was roommates with Shelby for two years at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Travis used to work with Shelby in Palmdale. Travis noticed Rachel on Shelby's social media in 2015 and reached out to Shelby to see if Rachel was free and interested. After chickening out one too many times, Travis finally got the courage to text Rachel.

Rachel and Travis began texting for a few months before they finally met in person. During those first months of getting to know each other, they said it was like they had known one another for their whole lives. Finally, Travis made his way out to San Luis Obispo to meet Rachel on Halloween Weekend. They hit it off instantly and the rest is history!

In 2016, Rachel moved to San Diego to be with Travis full time after dating for nearly a year long distance. They’ve been living and being in love in San Diego since then! In 2017, they adopted their sweet puppy, Maya, and became a true pack. Throughout the years they have traveled to Costa Rica, Thailand, France, Italy, and Spain, and have spent time a lot of time visiting their families and friends as they became the close knit unit you know and love today.

On Thanksgiving in 2021, Rachel and Travis were visiting their new house in Oregon and checking the progress of the construction. With a few friends in tow, Rachel was upstairs showing Khadija the layout, while Travis was downstairs with Jacob secretly setting up for the proposal. When Rachel and Dija came downstairs, Travis took Rachel into the basement where he had set up a mini projector. He played a little homemade video showing pictures of their adventures over the years with the song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran playing. At the end of the video, the words “Will you marry me?” flashed across the screen and Travis took Rachel’s hand and got down on one knee. He, of course, forgot the whole speech he had planned out and blurted out “Well, Rach, what do you say?!” Rachel excitedly said “Yes!” Their friends Jacob, Khadija, Nate, and Wendy were recording videos and taking polaroid pictures to commemorate the occasion. They popped champagne, enjoyed a drink, and went upstairs. Rachel and Travis wrote on a polaroid of them getting engaged and stuck the picture into the frame of their future house - that way there will always be a special piece of the day they got engaged in the house that will become their home.